Friday, July 10, 2009

Hey there, Hi there!

Been busy, busy photographing all of the Stitch Wars artwork! I have to say that you are going to be excited when you see it all. :-) It is all really great, creative stuff. So much talent!

I am on target to at least have a Flickr preview up for you out of towners before the opening date, that way you can see everything and if something calls out to you, you can contact me directly to purchase. Everything WILL be in our online shop too, but that takes a bit of time to enter and I don't want to over-promise! Next week is going to be high gear, crazy busy for me! :-)

Looking forward myself to seeing how it all sets up in our gallery, it is always so fun to stand back and take a look once all the work is completed!

So... yay! Sign up for our email list to receive a link to the preview!

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